Who we are!

« Don’t kill the cow » is an indie music band, created in 2016. We are a French-Swiss band composed of four members aged 19 to 22 years. After a few concerts, the desire to invest fully in a musical career soon came to us. Our artistic creations are influenced by grunge, rock, blues, folk and metal. As we don’t want to limit ourselves to a style, we leave ourselves the freedom to play what we like. The most important thing for us is to love what we do and have fun together. 

The Band

team member


Lead Vocals -- Guitarist
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Bass player
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Lead guitar -- 2nd Voice

Our start

It all started in our music school called « Groove Guitare ». We were all playing in the same music class. At the beginning, we only played covers like Pixies, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and many others. Over time, the four of us just wanted to get further. We had the desire to be independent. So we left our music school in 2016 and found our current music local. This was a big step for all of us, whether for our music or our own experience. We learned a lot. We learned how to handle ourselves to be productive and to compose together. In short, we learned how to manage a band by our own…

Our experiences

During these past three years we had many opportunities to play live. We played many times in bars, sometimes for private events. We participated in a few springboards like “Vaches Folks” or the international contest  called “Music city tour”. Every year, we take part in the  “Fête de la musique” on June 21st. It’s always a joy to be part of this event. We also had concerts in festivals like “Versoleo”, “Châto-Bruyant”, “Festival Tôt Ou T’Art” or the “Pop rock festival”.

About music

One of our priorities is composition, it’s the best way for us to define ourselves as artists… We compose intuitively, often one of us suggests a bass line or a guitar riff and we start from there. We jam for a while and then we look at what works and what doesn’t work. Then we structure and think about what inspires us in the music. Sometimes we have a project or a style in mind and we start from there to compose. Through our lyrics we transmit stories, emotions or values (poverty, love, ecology…) We really enjoy playing our music.

The future

Thanks to your support in our Crowdfunding, we will record our first album in July 2020. We are currently realizing a dream that is fulfilled thanks to you!